This is my scar hair restoration transplant image after the surgery my doctor
performed on February 2, 2011.

My Story: Learn What Happened At The Doctor's Office.

Scar hiding Hair Transplant restoration Surgery - February 2, 2011.

Transplant treatment Described. Surgery time in office.
Pictures included.

Hide scars on any body part.
Ultra violet light therapy after hair recovery included.
No more pills.

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"Information Request" link at bottom of page.

Short story of transplants and scar revision.

Started with no cost consult.

My Hair Transplant Restoration:
1. brow lift scar.
2. bald spot.
3. eyebrow scar.

My goal: Tell about hair recovery surgery at clinic.

First: Applied for 0% financing.

Surgery date: taken to a room and given 2 pills. 1. make swelling less, and 2. antibiotic. Local anesthesia was used, and hair was cut from back of head. Areas measured carefully and several times. Small holes were made. Hairs were put in holes. 1800 hairs were used. Can take one day. Sometimes need more than one visit. After surgery I drove home.

ALL staff very dedicated and main concern is patient comfort.

Hair loss replacement on scar areas hurt a little. More local anesthesia used. No problems after surgery.

Review: clinic uses ultra violet light therapy after hair transplant recovery. Great scar covering style.
Most important: hair transplants can be used to hide scars.

*Lastly, doctor does other hair transplants. Transplants chest hair, under arm hair, facial hair, and more.

A Little Poem For Thought:
Hair is wonderful
Hair is great
Hair is needed
Hair can't wait
If you start losing hair
Don't hesitate
Go to the doctor and don't be late!

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